Lansdowne blood out

When the bat hit it broke my ankle in 9 places
I was keeping touch with Mama Kin
I didn’t know when you invited me to 8’s and aces
this was the night the gang would do me in

Was it that the pit-bull was yours?
I didn’t know where she got it from no lies
I was out for weeks with some band on a tour
got home when they were dead from getting high
just another Brockton lullaby

so you befriended me
coked me up and told me lies
brought the rockabilly girls and the money
right along for the fairline ride
looking at your tattoos when I heard the blast
but that shot missed my side
she had a rose in her hair and that bat
guess when I fell you thought I died

When I woke up I was out in ‘Frisco
with the girl that you thought was your bride
funny that what a strange way things go
when you think you need people by your side