A broken bat, a shattered ankle
A Lansdowne blood out cut from the gang
Behind the banner the stars are spangled
alone and mortal no future to hang

In the movies the parting steam reveals
Manhole covers, smokestack veins
Warm breath pushed by whistles, between wheels
The smell of an oncoming train
And like at funerals or in the films
On nights like this it always rains

With pale face and bright whites
Under shadow and smoke of her eyes
Red passion lipstick and fishnet thighs
An evil angel appeared to me that night
Black be her wings
Cold her split tongue onto mine
She was there to do me right
She put my death on respite

Dark was this dancer
There was no taste to her cancer
As she licked breathe back into me
Not much left but a romancer
sad memories and wrong answers
And one last thrust of energy
To escape her perdition
and years of remission
Her soul passed on to be free
Her one last chance at a good deed
Left me on Earth carrying her dark seed

Survivors only learn to survive
If we come to realize
What it is we did to stay alive
At about that time we understand, well we die
Such is the story of life

So little learned, it was not my time

Lansdowne blood out

When the bat hit it broke my ankle in 9 places
I was keeping touch with Mama Kin
I didn’t know when you invited me to 8’s and aces
this was the night the gang would do me in

Was it that the pit-bull was yours?
I didn’t know where she got it from no lies
I was out for weeks with some band on a tour
got home when they were dead from getting high
just another Brockton lullaby

so you befriended me
coked me up and told me lies
brought the rockabilly girls and the money
right along for the fairline ride
looking at your tattoos when I heard the blast
but that shot missed my side
she had a rose in her hair and that broken bat
guess when I fell you thought I died