Carry me to bed


Because you believe me
No matter what I say
As long as I say and not refrain
And with patience I explain
Those tiny eyes smaller eyes
Bigger even than the rain
Looking up to me are starry skies
Kitten’s dandelion mane

Because you call to me.
Like an honest winter calls the frost
The color of your voice just melts me
Our fingers interlocked
I organized a forehead kiss
While in dreams our wishes talked

It may not last forever
Like the hills the moon the sun
But while we are together
Let’s just breathe as we are one
Daughter light as feathers
One look from you and I am done
My heart becomes untethered
As my name rolls off your tongue

Maybe what I fear

Woke up drunk on a beach in Martha’s vineyard
surrounded by 100 rabbits in the rain
We played a gig on a Governer’s yacht in the ocean
the one’s with the money wanna touch me that way
Woke up in a Chicago jail cell frozen
I think it was the very next day
maybe longer maybe farther its all erosion
all the houses and the people look the same
I will wake up somewhere else I’m hoping
somewhere else away from the pain
or maybe I’ll just keep on corroding
keep on waking up in the same place same way