Mind the Gap

Even as the ball is still in its plastic wrapper I feel that urge to play with it toss it kick It roll it bounce it “stop it!”

it reaches the edge of the table I jerk to block its fall that instance of adrenaline the pain the chair too far back the spiderwebs in your face the door closing on your hands are full you kick you reach retreat you don’t breathe for an instant you

what was it that word? held comforted in her skirt

Like words in my head I count with to ten
don’t let them drop don’t fall but begins the truth within
I stopped for them for they just go round and round and its dead again
around in my head again around and round no friends are them

delaying sleep
stopping dreams
the pain the chair the anxiety
the dreams of the blue sea
I kick the ball gently

“slower cuts tend to hurt?” I typed for love of my girl

Stuck in a crowd on a train
holding on everyone stinks of rain
there is the old man all alone surrounded by space
staring at something dear that look on his face
no on here speaks our language but its the eyes that talk anyway
the universal yet away
its silent
don’t make contact
the floor slippery
the iPhone whispery
its gone the eyes the word the dull pain it fell from the edge the table she is in the bed bouncing we play

trains whistle cars beep

I held back didn’t catch the wrapper holds the words that fall
no point to stop the train at all
the crash the sheltered limitless silent ball
the glances as gravity’s call
forced us together again
with this adrenaline
we were brand new strangers we may die friends
together as well we won’t bounce or trend
forget what words were in your head
don’t look now what was never said
we roll to the edge

her pain ends we forever sleep