Mike drop

That’s when I threw away

My old blue suitcase

Cause it brought up the past

And we could never last

you had that Facebook page

About a plastic rat

You found in a dark hallway

Outside your London flat

When we were living out our dreams

This modern life

Cuts like a plastic knife

Can’t turn down the new TV

Postcards of porno scenes

I miss George Carlin and

Being in a rock n roll band

Wish we were young again

So we could still be friends

Talking about a future we’d never see

I still post photographs

From around the world of dirty rats

And I have a brand new bag

The one you knew I’d always have

I think about you when I’m alone

Which is almost never like being home

Maybe it’s good I’m busy out on the road

Turning the world off with a remote control

While you’re still hanging from a beam