Sprung training

Grand Floridian pre season ball
I am with an amputated leg in the hall
My brittle wifi fingers explore your stall
lizards darting stopping wet from the walls

The VA spilleth over old warship bones
No hospital beds
No PTSD meds
I’ve made everyplace my home
So much so now I’m all alone

As you push me away
my tongue dives deeper more
The manatees in the sway
We were younger before

A nice family you’ve made
Oh wait shit that’s mine
A fool I’ve chosen travel
The old state of sunshine

Only with wires fondled,
humid climax
I packed the pill bottle,
stupid attacks
I’ve hacked the throttle,
Cupid is back
Put it….
Put us here the weather is fine
And the old soldiers well, they won’t pay no mind
To them it’s just noises
Remembered places, different times
Arch your back
While I’m still on the line

An internet connection
Service set identified
If I’m cut off I’m dissected
Need your Skype though it’s died

A text from a past too drunk to respond
That buzzing from the creek
A flamingo at dawn


give it a name


A splendid hurricane
The high clouds racing to other borders newer days
Strange birds magnificent the color of tourists fly sideways
A bug I’ve never seen before pauses on my peonies
Innocent portents of the coming violence in the breeze
Motherless infants gifts from the stork’s beak
She swam from nightmares the unknown blackness in the sea
A question now, How strong are my trees?
This time around how brutal the wind may be
How soft the ground, your demise too many leaves.

Every place is beautiful when I first arrive
Smell the flowers a new named color is in sight
More curious than afraid
ignoring the warnings on display
Til the poison that is in me starts to taint
a warm breeze a wind chime she will say…..

“Momma is coming child there is nothing can be done”
Too soon winds are howling it’s  allies on the front
The Foamy waves pushing pulling to and from
Feces tainted water pours into my lungs
The tentacles have stung
Sickly larvae feeding
on the bleeding
On the ankles stuck in mud

A blaring siren in my mind
A migraine in strobe lights
I’m pulled under once again
I can’t hear you in the din
The bees are swarming in the wind
My cries unheard cross my chin

In the wreckage they’ll chase blame pointing fingers
New profile pic, “Someplace strong” bumper stickers
Move on to tomorrow remember my storm by name
It’s always there, whether it’s sunny, Weather it reigns.