Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.

I’ve been to Strasbourg
on a horse with 4 names
just another dying city wrapped up in Islamic flames
I wandered around lost like Anthony Bourdain
I saw a baby sitting on the street all alone in the rain
Broken mother in the bar sticking needles in her veins

“Live love eat fuck”
and don’t tell me this doesn’t suck

The less you know the more you’ve been around
the more places you go the smaller become the towns

Lead the horse to water
Bleed the source
alone now lives your daughter Depression’s course

Die a mile in other people’s shoes
If that doesn’t work than eat their food

Standing outside a boarded up shopping center the polluted river wraps soaked newspapers around my ankles laden with articles of the dead and dying dozens by the score I rub my fingertips across my temples til they’re bloody open sores as a homeless grandmother pleads me for a score until the paper turns to sand like their wars

“But you were so rich you had it all”
Tasted the world burnt ends to raw

I stayed in the same hotel summer 18 they had no red wine and worse no damn AC
Just a shitty swivel fan in the window with no screen

I lie awake for days trying to sleep in the heat
Black moths flew through the fan dead meat
Chewed up bits and broken wings became the blanket of meh to cover me

much like your spiritual tattoos
Will become your tuxedo in your tomb
Looking for life’s answers on the surface of the moon
After learning to fly with knives and forks and plastic little spoons