Zippers and the family tree

The sounds of zippers bring me back to a time when I was young and free

The 1st time that I ever found out a young girl had a crush on me

We were in the forest in Fall River camping with family

But Her rotweiler was the only thing I wanted to touch and see

Zip the tent closed

my dad’s drunkFalling in the fire drowning in the sea

Hitting on my girlfriend Talking down to me

Years will pass suitcase zipper anomoly

and my daughter knows is time for me

to leave

I’m almost as sadAs the time that zippers reminded me

it was time to perform my duty

in the rectory

on my dirty knees

In my final days it became a re-al


to me

now I hear the nurseZip my coffin cleanSo the rest the world can be free

of my disease

Passed down heredity

On that leash she swings

I finally pet her dog as she hangs from trees



You’re daddy