The mistake on the lake

The whispers of bulrushes part and clear a way
A pathetic trail along the Erie fringes
To back doors hanging on rusty hinges
Invitations of an urban decay

When the meat is still fresh
Only portions under gravity
Show dependency
the divinity of flesh
Bluish purple acidity
Blood lost to lividity
Clasping for warmth in rigid livor

In the shadow of a lake

long forgot like shivers spooling
Dreams lost to years of algor cooling
The smell of ammonia our factories make
Like little box homes. Microwaves. Mistakes.

Organisms move rhythmic pulsing beasts
Autolysis. Aerobics. A chance to feast

She looks up at the synthetic lights
Grey clouds amass these hungry blowflies
Oviposition her promised promotion
In the putrefaction – a premonition
of stage 1 decomposition

Through the eyes of the storm
I just drive. I’ll just ride
You want me to get high
To get low like the alone
Rigor Mortis for food, payment to atone

Drained under Main

I looked up from my drink
The room filled with comic cons
So much noise I cannot think
Broke up peace as drama dawns

Steering the ship into cosplay
Blindly and sick
To them I am like Cosby
No binding of Isaac
No flowey in my hobbies
Just roofies in my pockets
Getting stoned in hotel lobbies
chasing faeries. creepy. frothy.

To avoid claims of
I broke away for a smoke
and there right before me
Main Street bridge.                                   A River flows.

And behind me the door closed

From under steel and concrete
So many yellow eyes
Whistling strings. Chomping meat
A spider web to which I’m tied

The Asian girls won’t let me back
I’ve grown old and cold
Deserving of this attack
Dragged into the mold
Stuffed back into cracks

But I digress
I’ll even miss the smells
of wet ashtrays
Horses hiccups and regrets

There’s a bridge in Columbus
Where thousands of spiders took the night
No one will miss me as I’ve
become the suckers way of life
tangled webs of sacrifice
(pregnant pause)

Everything has appetites

To look in the mirror you can’t see
Who they’ve imagined you to be