Southern Town


lake Maleren blows a thin mist
into the tent city of the Assyrian
like the breath of forgotten lovers once kissed
it never reaches the railway to Gamla Stan

I came expecting fair colored maidens
lovers of viking gods Odins solstice queens
but here a genocide ripple a refugee laden
displaced takeover mafia crime scene

no platimum blonds or swedish meatballs
only shish kababobs and islamic rules
to walk here with money a thing for the fools
roaming mobs dark of hair trade a knife for your jewels

motherless men twenty something or less
from the desert they’re from can’t hang the dead
so desolate not even a single tree left
here they now live tears of Thor have been wept

I sit looking out Mariestad in hand
an American standing out like my clothes a namebrand
a target a Bush puppet the one who invaded your land
I never signed up to make inroads to die in the sand

in Winter the sun never rises in Arab streets of Sweden
the cold never dies molotov only light
in the dark scandinavia the dead garden of eden
a season to survive Stockholm Syndrome and strife