My complex, Apartment

I remember crying on the curb

Listening to the ice cream truck comin

Rubbing together two pennies wishing the wish

We wish when rubbin

When’s daddy coming home I cried

Was a question worth the warning

Give me time to go hide

Please let it be tomorrow morning

Bringing home the

“Bacon” was some yelling

Fist through a door I spilt a little jelly

peeling linoleum floor. Ant traps are so smelly

There was one thing in the dark fridge

Next to the baking soda, we were kids

A six pack for daddy

Pabst blue ribbon or some Schlitz

Slam the squeaky door watch it rock

Until he sits

I lit a match and sat on it

but it’s too late

Landlord called my mom asked her out on a date

Either pay the fines or help him masturbate

My father caught on and my brother took the blame

Ended up in the hospital beat upon with a stake

White boys look so pale in their final resting place

Drained of all our blood wearing rouge it’s so fake

I wonder if I’ll hate my pall bearers

Just as much as brother Jake

Assholes wanting free drinks at his wake

I got no better friends to contemplate

Always high on drugs trying to erase

The ice cream truck song it plays

I never got to taste

What would make all those fucking kids

Scream along. and run and chase