Layla in a man’s world

The poet writes

The tired old tree leans
over an unused street
A rope hangs bent branch swarm of bees
No more swing no more leaves
Ghosts of children’s laughter
Playful screams
No more lovers carving their names
Promising bed covers hoping for dreams

The blues singer choruses

Dusty old train Memphis midnight shoes
Smokestacks lightning mountain songs and booze
Judge jury… jail the hangman too
Lonely Liza or Les Paul old man gotta choose

The country singer twangs

Ford or Chevy pedals and metal gears
Lost my girl to a wino stuck alone 20 years
Lipsticks dry baby ran out of tears
Dusty road rain won’t wash away fears
But I’ve got song and my dog and my beer

Sustantivos muses

I could go on talking bout the bald fat old
Opera singers
Or the homeless man on the corner waving a cup
With last fingers
All of them just cliches
More sad stories more dead ringers

They’re all hanging on to something they lost
Trying to be hung onto.
To live beyond their last thoughts
To live a life worth a song to

You won’t be hung from til you’ve been lost

No one will care unless you made a sound
Written some words, thrown some leaves on the ground
Thrown some shade. Rode some waves
Played like Clapton
Sang like Brown

Dirty rice

It used to be home made
Now house maid skillfully crafted
Either way you spell the charade
It looks so good I asked to pass it

My dirty fork with twisted mind
Plunging deep infused
mellow wine
Fingerlings and tangy rinds
A succulent slurp my concubine

Is it such a sin to clean my plate?
To eat alone my masters bait.
Send a pic of yours I’ll show you mine
Selfies wet noodles & sushi
let’s dine

And in the end some creme brûlée
A happy end nightcap soirée
Off to sleep we’ll dream away
Til morning sausage a gay new day

Stolen from Blurry

They sold me what you never thought

told me what not to say

Heroin sold you a place to turn

Taught you how to run away

You’ll never be lonely inside where

The voices in darkness are there to keep

I know you can hear me

With eyes close to sleep

I’ve been there

Just nod. It’s free

Once for yes

Twice for {tiny worms}

Kill me

Infantasy or Snakes on a plane

We can ride on the backs of a million devils
If you’d like that
Sharpen my teeth as you
Pull my head back

Airports are like
Like a graveyard
No one wants to stay here
Stay forever
Would you like that?

Just move on

When you came onboard
The beasts all went away
Entitlements crashed rows before
As you kept us all awake

I’m not even sure what standards I’ve set
Or who I hoped you’d be
In my world not yours well I’d expect
Something my shallow self’d rather see
or maybe just someone not touching me

Miles above as years below
In turbulence we smile and say
say hello
Accept the behaviors of a child
I’d be the one to blame if love died
If I didn’t play peekaboo,
With you.
who cried?
Ears popped when the truth I tried
Whether an infant or grown man inside
Trays up, it’s the end
End of your ride
I won’t smile as my space you’ve plied
Onboard with #metoo the snake’s genocide

Average white friends


How many empty cans have I left behind – pyramids of brandnames
I was your sister                                                                                            sorority troll
I was drunk peeing in the corner plagiarizing bandaids
of Xanax blisters                                                                                           Philly superbowl
How many empty bottles have I left behind – average white friends
whose lies I swallowed to ease the pain
the whole is torn in the stomach the headache never ends
I’ve played the song to the last refrain.

How many empty souls have I left behind – addicted to their loss
I’m beyond
I can travel to your empty places for me it has no cost
across the pond
they say I’m lucky to see you but you are desolate – you are frost
attractions gone
you have died you have spoke to me in your tongue I am deaf I am  lost
countdown to none
How many ounces,
how many pills,
how many stories,
how many kills?






I master write

I hide the poems I write in sock drawers
cum socks                     and drugs
on hotel room walls
behind paintings, under rugs
Like DNA in the sheets in the sink and the tub
I wrote a thesis on napkins left at the bar and the club

I have read what was said
by my idols all dead
they passed on
left words like Jawn
that changed my life with one thread

Have my words been read would I even care?
I imagine the Spanish maid there
finding notes
that I wrote
stands crying in the hall
but she cant read this
its in English
thoughts dropped they fall

so someone asked me
cut down this old tree
shed the bark show the rings
show its age and dark things
stop throwing away
words you say
like spilled semen you tossed
all those words that were lost
washed away down the drain
just one seed could have changed
born a human a writer a lonely old maid

so I gave it a go
gripping my pen til it explodes
spilling ink into prose
my eyes pull to the back of my head
the words building up I picture her spread
til the cap pops off ink blots shoot like lead
the new black Rorschach that cannot be read

and more regret than relief
as I drift off to sleep
with my pen in my hand
softening from stone to sand