The lone scar state

She sells flowers from a box

Right beside your highway dreams

Along with the souls of the lost

Broken mirrors lipstick queen

Reflecting silenced screams

I took you down to the river

Give you what you came for

Took you down don’t make me wait

Took you down now open zippers

Spit you out don’t like the taste

You’d hesitate

Dollar bills in the gutter

Tattooed veins Marlboro aftertaste

Sewer grate you melt like butter

Into my arms on my scarred old face

I took you downtown

Under neon signs why did you pay

I took you down here don’t make me wait

I took you downtown

Now pay the man what do you say

You took me down here. Let’s play your game

At the side of these roads

The truckers drop their loads

In the beds of highway homes

These fuckers crop her hopes

She sings her song now

So sing along loud

She slings he arm out

She shops for dope

32000 feet and falling

Juxtaposed with gatherings hotel breakfast death
Rinos feasting hall of strangers. Eating powdered eggs
And Mr and Mrs talking head
spewing opinions spraying lead
Teaching how things should be said
Collect the bullets count the fed

Another racial jest. Another cat in a tree
Another overpaid or politicized
Or dead celebrity.

The quiet neighbor was the nicest guy he loved dogs loved his AR-15

These are not my people. This is not my scene. This all a big old scam. Instead of news


Jet engines fail when people believe their gods are on TV.

No GPS signal

I always need. Knew you’d change

Lie in reverse like a butterfly you’ve

Lost your wings

How do I find the way

When what’s left is right inside my veins

You can’t fly to god

If you can’t walk to. Me. Talk. More

I put flies in and closed the jar

Watched them drop to the floor

Orchid. Rose. A rope

Petals I supposed

She loves me. Knot

Tied the loose

Maggots become whores

Poke a hole and breathe

Life full of scores

What’s the cost

I don’t like the song on the radio so I turn it off

And you just keep on talkin like there’s nothing lost

Layla in a man’s world

The poet writes

The tired old tree leans
over an unused street
A rope hangs bent branch swarm of bees
No more swing no more leaves
Ghosts of children’s laughter
Playful screams
No more lovers carving their names
Promising bed covers hoping for dreams

The blues singer choruses

Dusty old train Memphis midnight shoes
Smokestacks lightning mountain songs and booze
Judge jury… jail the hangman too
Lonely Liza or Les Paul old man gotta choose

The country singer twangs

Ford or Chevy pedals and metal gears
Lost my girl to a wino stuck alone 20 years
Lipsticks dry baby ran out of tears
Dusty road rain won’t wash away fears
But I’ve got song and my dog and my beer

Sustantivos muses

I could go on talking bout the bald fat old
Opera singers
Or the homeless man on the corner waving a cup
With last fingers
All of them just cliches
More sad stories more dead ringers

They’re all hanging on to something they lost
Trying to be hung onto.
To live beyond their last thoughts
To live a life worth a song to

You won’t be hung from til you’ve been lost

No one will care unless you made a sound
Written some words, thrown some leaves on the ground
Thrown some shade. Rode some waves
Played like Clapton
Sang like Brown

Gluten Free

Coming home from the rest of the world
Where your gods are all wrong
They leave you for addicts like me
I am just a lyric in a love song

Violent thoughts shopping for food
Thinking of that boy you kissed
Kill all the music on the radio
One more item crossed of your list

Too many choices in first world lanes
From fruit loops to lorna doones
Left on a shelf expired deveined
Who eats pizza with plastic spoons?

Wars fought over bibles erections
Left behind newer models and makes
All influenced by brand selections
Aluminum foil melted by ice cream cake

They leave you for addicts like me Polyunsaturated and gluten free