Organically grown

That last few feet were the hardest
The tile floor suddenly tar, even the dead leaves didn’t follow
Just blew in with the open door but stopped
Unlike the cold that tickled her bare ankles

He stopped too. Didn’t expect her home at 3
Her fingers caressing a chip in her mug, minty tea
She wondered why he’d come home but didn’t speak
Just wished he didn’t cheat

Some part wished he’d come to pull her strings
Instead he’s collecting more things to bring
With a whiff of warm peppermint steam
A memory of different dreams
hopeful times and wishful things

When he cleared his throat, it was as if a bomb
Silenced the very chirps of birds
No more songs through windows. reflective calm
The last thing meant for now – words

She just said “don’t”
Which meant, let’s just accept
With that his boots shuffled, windswept.
Weighted down. as silence crept.

He looked at her back, her tense shoulders.
Wishing she’d never grown so far away
Blaming her for his whole, a place to fill
Another place to need to stay

That last few feet between them
Linoleum. Dirty kitchen sink. A cup of tea.

The Darien Gap

Darien drove a truck off a bridge
Right after he told me
He’d rather be eating seeds
Put it into gear no apologies

Darien and I would go out alot

One time we were in a club and a girl slipped and fell
When she was getting up well…

We saw it all. A’hem. Yea that.

We just stared and oh hell –

He thanked her.
He. He thanked her

The shallower the river, the deeper the flood

Darien drove a truck off a bridge and I’m sitting here thinking about him while you tell me about your day

Hey lady

I wanted to apologize
For taking notice only of
those eyes
All the years you bought them
Torn, the hidden clues
Those Lies
And the tears you sought them
Painted upside down

Born with baby blues
Skillfully how you made them brown

Thank you for changing the world
Making it to work on time
Despite the challenge to their game
I want to declare my pride
But I feel instead a sense of shame

All I can say is

You’re real pretty


In my house of detention
I see a field through the mirror

Out there a smiling dog

Chases a stick. Jumps up above the

Than disappears

A dog who smiled
Ear to ear
His jumps timed to my song
Though he can’t hear

“If you always look out the window, you’ll never go anywhere”
-first grade teacher

So I fly a plane

Worker bee

Today I left work early

Just got up and walked away no one even noticed.

Bob even smiled at me with stupid eyes

I went to a pool. Just sat in the water watching birds

They always know just what to say

A teenage boy arrived

Without hesitation, no testing the water just a plunge

Upside down. Cannonball Again.

Water in the ears. So what



I like the way the water sounds when it hits the filter

Heavy reigns

It rained a lot yesterday

Washed out the pile of dirt

Beside the driveway

I found your favorite toy

From when you were four

Remember him my baby boy?

You remember little firehorse?

That family vacation when we drove

About an hour away

You started crying, Couldn’t find him

But I wouldn’t turn back no way

That was the trip.

When you got sick

Things would never be the same

Firehorse was always there waiting to play

In the pile of dirt

Beside the driveway