Circumstantially we were neutered there together in those halls in the walls of lockers. Pawns

I never meant that I would stick like glue and hang around

flies in the trap never touch the ground

I was born in the master decay just moved on

1000 years later my father would die

and you’re the one they’re standing by his side

feeding back the rules the lives

the words from tomes dictated. to us in disguise

What makes people stick around their hometowns I’ve never known

Just nurse his wounds as you lick your own

Divorced dead Eyed

house made. homegrown.

The calm before….

I can just feel another one coming

A dull thumping

A dog barking for food

Or the cries of your love in a cage

I thought this would be over soon

A quite decent calming sequence

No more questions

No more rage

Than the tick. Tick. Tick.

I am a decent man

Hidden behind my whiskey beard

Tattoos frozen in the sand

Walk with me


Maybe your eyes will understand

When I Fly

Even the largest trees
look tiny against the Indiana sky
some words about god were spoke to me
who do I follow? a Hoosier asked me why

smaller still I see
pawn shops and autobody lies
we are not students sent to learn to be
but to help you learn to cry

just build it up to tear it down
so we grow that coping frown
write the words to erase
its ok. Your son is gone.
yet you still take it out on pawns



to listen to me
like your tiny trees
leaves tired of being green
bring me home, lesson complete

its about being together
and not being alone in the sky

Stop signs

Open your eyes to the world and leave
share your eyes and find your mind
Squint enough and the sun you’ll see
Read the guiding lights and signs


On an Indiana highway
I coined the term
Made up a word
billboard skyscape

It’s not me anymore
But they can still guess my name
Left from the shape
A ghost of the place
A brandscaped American
Desolate waste
Shaped like an M or
A jack in the box face


I am the shadow of what’s to come
My past a reflection on a pond


What once was will never be
What’s to be I clearly see
When the futures burnt in shadow
Shapes of buildings tell their scenes
What they say is history
what repeats is not for free
And not what I wanted to read
The past was just a dream
A youthful joy that’s done left me

There’s a plane in the sky
Someone traveling the night
Looking to see the world
A young boy or eager girl
They’ll find home
Where they roam
Was the place they left behind
And the road
Is so cold
By the time it’s them they find
the ones they left
Who loved them
Said that they didn’t mind

Well when they said goodbye.
The truth is


signs lie


Ash Tree

A televised revolution
In the farmland destitution
A tumbleweed blew me into town

A 40 something punk solution
Blame it on Russian collusion
I triggered another Facebook clown

Why are they called party’s
When we are so divided?
A social distortion a dead Kennedy
America of states the United.

We found a common ground
Quoting Bukowski til dawn’s first shadow
We pushed daisies up through the brown
A pugilist and a pansy in the gallows

But you tried too hard old bay city doll
The social norms you’d bend
You’re the “sell out” in suburban scrawl
So I busted the bar and out drank your friends

You’re a bum on the Fresno streets
Operation: Ivy league washed up punk
It’s sad really you’re not even a freak
Your piss a descendant on borrowed shoes of a drunk

You’ll never leave a word behind
Wrongly quote a hero and drink yourself blind
And all the kids in peace were right
We did change the world


war is in your mind