White to begin with,  the day
carefree as it
as it turned to rain
en España el graffiti es inglés
as unclean as concrete corroded by the pain

what with her departure,  to grey
on a breeze I flit
that she’d burn away
In Spain the beauty finds ingress
she slipped demoted. fell to her knees a refrain


I will run with the tides
[be careful what you may find]
in these clouds no sun will rise
[be wary and read the signs]
within the rain I find a cleaner mind
[the pills are made by design]
anxiety is from what might
be left behind

What we try to see
in the dousing we remove
Our bred identities.   as she
Teaches me to bleed




He parked the plexi against the wall
finish up for now tired bones hear the call
weary travel wretched hours born to feel fallow
pucker up sucker punch smells of work darker shadow
blistered feet inherit meek slow refrain objective swallowed

once forgot drinks submit empty glass socks to wall
trying sleep the earth competes walk alone darkness falls
toss and turn feel the burn blankets torn pillow shallow
drying eyes sand alike pity alone memory shadow
buzzer snooze sweating booze advil morning sockets hollowed