Stop signs

Open your eyes to the world and leave
share your eyes and find your mind
Squint enough and the sun you’ll see
Read the guiding lights and signs


On an Indiana highway
I coined the term
Made up a word
billboard skyscape

It’s not me anymore
But they can still guess my name
Left from the shape
A ghost of the place
A brandscaped American
Desolate waste
Shaped like an M or
A jack in the box face


I am the shadow of what’s to come
My past a reflection on a pond


What once was will never be
What’s to be I clearly see
When the futures burnt in shadow
Shapes of buildings tell their scenes
What they say is history
what repeats is not for free
And not what I wanted to read
The past was just a dream
A youthful joy that’s done left me

There’s a plane in the sky
Someone traveling the night
Looking to see the world
A young boy or eager girl
They’ll find home
Where they roam
Was the place they left behind
And the road
Is so cold
By the time it’s them they find
the ones they left
Who loved them
Said that they didn’t mind

Well when they said goodbye.
The truth is


signs lie


Ash Tree

A televised revolution
In the farmland destitution
A tumbleweed blew me into town

A 40 something punk solution
Blame it on Russian collusion
I triggered another Facebook clown

Why are they called party’s
When we are so divided?
A social distortion a dead Kennedy
America of states the United.

We found a common ground
Quoting Bukowski til dawn’s first shadow
We pushed daisies up through the brown
A pugilist and a pansy in the gallows

But you tried too hard old bay city doll
The social norms you’d bend
You’re the “sell out” in suburban scrawl
So I busted the bar and out drank your friends

You’re a bum on the Fresno streets
Operation: Ivy league washed up punk
It’s sad really you’re not even a freak
Your piss a descendant on borrowed shoes of a drunk

You’ll never leave a word behind
Wrongly quote a hero and drink yourself blind
And all the kids in peace were right
We did change the world


war is in your mind

The magnolia

In shadows of smashed trailer parks
Busted car graveyards
and shady loan sharks

I paid for my gas
Through bullet proof glass

Plywood fences graffiti wars
Boarded up churches and dollar stores

A hungry old dog found rotten catfish bones
Under a capsized boat on an overgrown road

A young girl plays the blues, wants to make me cry
A song about her scarred hands
Pill dried eyes she’s scared to die
Scared to stay here in the delta
but too afraid to fly

Trace the bathroom floor tiles with my toe
Suitcase spilled open as the hotel room door
theres a fog in the southern moonshine glow
If I wear my lipstick to bed dad calls me a whore

But I’m keeping the makeup on, storm horns may blow
When the Bolivar shows the bodies the painted faces will glow
Mom would want me looking pretty
When I finally make the tv shows

On the other side of town
Old Mrs Jackson lays her husband down
Ratified the 13th so late on cotton row
Raise confederates as the soul food smokes
Keeping Cleveland as boring
As Southbound Mississippi’s flow

Infantasy or Snakes on a plane

We can ride on the backs of a million devils
If you’d like that
Sharpen my teeth as you
Pull my head back

Airports are like
Like a graveyard
No one wants to stay here
Stay forever
Would you like that?

Just move on

When you came onboard
The beasts all went away
Entitlements crashed rows before
As you kept us all awake

I’m not even sure what standards I’ve set
Or who I hoped you’d be
In my world not yours well I’d expect
Something my shallow self’d rather see
or maybe just someone not touching me

Miles above as years below
In turbulence we smile and say
say hello
Accept the behaviors of a child
I’d be the one to blame if love died
If I didn’t play peekaboo,
With you.
who cried?
Ears popped when the truth I tried
Whether an infant or grown man inside
Trays up, it’s the end
End of your ride
I won’t smile as my space you’ve plied
Onboard with #metoo the snake’s genocide

Sprung training

Grand Floridian pre season ball
I am with an amputated leg in the hall
My brittle wifi fingers explore your stall
lizards darting stopping wet from the walls

The VA spilleth over old warship bones
No hospital beds
No PTSD meds
I’ve made everyplace my home
So much so now I’m all alone

As you push me away
my tongue dives deeper more
The manatees in the sway
We were younger before

A nice family you’ve made
Oh wait shit that’s mine
A fool I’ve chosen travel
The old state of sunshine

Only with wires fondled,
humid climax
I packed the pill bottle,
stupid attacks
I’ve hacked the throttle,
Cupid is back
Put it….
Put us here the weather is fine
And the old soldiers well, they won’t pay no mind
To them it’s just noises
Remembered places, different times
Arch your back
While I’m still on the line

An internet connection
Service set identified
If I’m cut off I’m dissected
Need your Skype though it’s died

A text from a past too drunk to respond
That buzzing from the creek
A flamingo at dawn




Holding my own in stab city Ireland
a raunchy rant a mysterious lore
a night shift jaunt on ole King’s Island
A sordid encounter with a dead whore

a timely Limerick it seems maybe crass
dear Shannon you silly young lass
Small not be your color or size
nor that stream between your thighs
but it’s better that than it be from your ass

a stagger back from old Southhill
came the Dubliners sly
For them a night out for the kill
brothers Mcool and O’Bligh
My wrong place and wrong time
out and alone tho was I
This I thought til  I’d lay by you side
out under the Sarsfield where we’d climbed

An hour or two would pass
as I slipped away from your eyes
when I left you alone well, alas
It’s not my choice that we should ‘ave died
so be comfy alone in the grass
I simply needed a quick place to hide
I often wonder what words would’ve  passed
had we met when we were still alive