In it I sensed a black
Crushing vacuum of warm dogs breath
Today being another day
Of many days that come and go
Eventually accomplishing to a life

Until snuffed. Look back now.
That’s all it was

In it I saw war, one thing promised to be
Always waiting for man to find him

In it I felt in the dark
Your varicose veins popping off
Like victorious fireworks of anticipation
Resulting only in more wanting
for my fingerprints

In it the translucent fins of fighting fish
Caught in a hook
Signalling everything that is meant to be known
into the oxygen of waters pulse

In it sandpaper eyelids fight back the light
Copper tasting lips palpitating
Heart. Wake up. This is gonna be
Snowstorms in a butterflies wings

Offensive Line

Cold February thrill
Allegheny dream
Traversing the sure kill
Under the El in Philthy stream

A city on fire
Burning hunk of brotherly love
Squeeze my Temples
The owls, the eagles. the doves?

An unbelievable play
The Philly special all day
From Wentz we came….
…..In Foles we trust

A victory beer. First mint won’t rust
Like Franklin I’m from Boston
Indentured. Imprisoned.
Held back, scorned and lost and

Came for Philadelphia freedom

From Chester to Trevose
Northeast to society hill
It’s good to be sustantivos.
In a city I don’t need to kill

The Itch

Losers racing home twilight highway
Hemis switching lanes dully occupied
Profits of all the knowing genocide
Blue collar heroes
The ones for which John Lennon died

A pizza parlor, 1970’s
And yellow green. Benches of
Ghosts apologies

A balding shipping clerk talks to the bar
Rocking in his head to Highway Star
For the 100 thousandth time he sings

“No one’s gonna steal my car”
He thinks

I want to kiss his highschool football ring
It’s a Monday thing

I just look at it all and sharpen my blade
It’s. So almost
Whispers in my drink



Conclusion protocol

Lightning flavored rain hardens my directionless porous bone marrow

and with no paper {tiny worms} no pen and nothing with which to record

I ejaculate. premature

Exactly like I draw {tiny worms}


How I pass. Judgements.

I’ve learned from The moon who is patient with the clouds

That people are not mysteries

Just little hairs {tiny worms}

On my retinas no pondering

Shapes on the wall. Revelry.

These are mine.

I’d show you but

No one else can see

It’s already made up

Tiny worms. self absorbed.

Part of me.


Circumstantially we were neutered there together in those halls in the walls of lockers. Pawns

I never meant that I would stick like glue and hang around

flies in the trap never touch the ground

I was born in the master decay just moved on

1000 years later my father would die

and you’re the one they’re standing by his side

feeding back the rules the lives

the words from tomes dictated. to us in disguise

What makes people stick around their hometowns I’ve never known

Just nurse his wounds as you lick your own

Divorced dead Eyed

house made. homegrown.

The calm before….

I can just feel another one coming

A dull thumping

A dog barking for food

Or the cries of your love in a cage

I thought this would be over soon

A quite decent calming sequence

No more questions

No more rage

Than the tick. Tick. Tick.

I am a decent man

Hidden behind my whiskey beard

Tattoos frozen in the sand

Walk with me


Maybe your eyes will understand