Meeting minutes

My eyes over European skies

Are casting away.

I won’t be back this side of the pond

Until I change my mind again.

Which is the biggest difference

I have grown accustomed to overseas

The finality of things.

A match can be nil-nil and end

For an American I need a winner. And a loser

But here it’s a final decision. Done.

It’s not over for us

Til the bullets settle the dust


..Sweet the promise of darker seas below

I thank for the quiet and the undertow..

I don’t know why I let them bother me

Fidgety eyes feet faint smiles crooked teeth

They did nothing to you nothing screw me

But I let them into in two. In too

..I open my skin

Let the insects in

Open up the skies

and let free 1000 lies

I spill my seed..

On your corporate logos

your go lean team egos

-I cut the cord-

A big fuck you I let go

– the synergy lords –

I don’t why I let them bother me

Institutions of brutality

Greed wet net


Starched shirts gender free

I just want to play with bugs

In the mud

..I pull the

My jewels

I put on some makeup and danced

a naked sock hop

To ziggy and Iggy and stellar pop rock

It occurs to me that blue eyeshadow has probably been here before.

For dessert I will threaten my health with cigarette smoke

And laugh at the ceiling from the floor


This morning I walked outside my hotel.

I had two choices; kill myself or go swimming.

I kept my clothes on, the ducks laughed at me. What a reason to live

I also like the sound of small planes as they fly overhead

The queue

Reflections in an airport window

A pointless song playing on the radio

All these people really no place to go

I count the heads and faces

All are from my past so many places

I recognize every one of them

Thought I left them behind. Last time.

What I fear most when I reach the end of the line

Is that all these dipshits will have gotten there first

And all the good ones are still in the hearse

Leaving the EU

Sitting by the lake there wasn’t even a ripple

I dont feel safe here anymore

One cloud in the sky.

As I waited for the sunset I counted

Minutes in denial

I walked myself home til sunrise

Its what I gave. To be

I’d kiss you if you were asleep.

So awake. So far from me