In like Flynn

Listen to me.

Death. Shown on the tv

Maybe Facebook or a social scene

I study the reactions

To see

How to be

To fit in

It’s not the time

Mr. Flynn

To remember how you stole my car

You broke her heart

You fucked our friends

And. Toxins used, torn apart

Hand to face. cross my heart

A learned response

Let’s play the part

What we(they)




Its always how ….{tiny worms}….loved you

Maine.  The way life should be.

12 dead friends and two in my family

Average white friends


How many empty cans have I left behind – pyramids of brandnames
I was your sister                                                                                            sorority troll
I was drunk peeing in the corner plagiarizing bandaids
of Xanax blisters                                                                                           Philly superbowl
How many empty bottles have I left behind – average white friends
whose lies I swallowed to ease the pain
the whole is torn in the stomach the headache never ends
I’ve played the song to the last refrain.

How many empty souls have I left behind – addicted to their loss
I’m beyond
I can travel to your empty places for me it has no cost
across the pond
they say I’m lucky to see you but you are desolate – you are frost
attractions gone
you have died you have spoke to me in your tongue I am deaf I am  lost
countdown to none
How many ounces,
how many pills,
how many stories,
how many kills?